Faculty Book Publishing Committee:

Chair: Janell Watson, Foreign Languages and Literatures (rjwatson@vt.edu)
Members: Peter Graham, English; Ignacio Moore, Biological Sciences

Requesting a book publishing subvention:

  • Contact the Faculty Book Publishing committee chair.
  • Submit the required documentation via email to the committee chair (see below).
  • The committee meets and makes a recommendation to Jack Finney, Associate Provost for Faculty
  • The provost’s office contacts the faculty member with the decision.
  • Funding is contingent on the author agreeing to reimburse Virginia Tech from received royalties, up to the amount of the subvention with each reimbursement divided proportionally according to the proportional contributions made by department, college, and provost's office. After the amount of the subvention has been repaid, royalties belong to the author.

Evaluation criteria used by the committee:

  • Academic merit of the project.
  • Quality and suitability of the publisher.
  • Commitment of financial support from the author’s department.
  • Commitment of financial support from the author’s college.

Documentation required:

  • Description of the project. 
  • Letter from the publisher stating the subvention amount requested and how it will be used. 
  • Information about the publisher and explanation of why the publisher is suitable for this project. 
  • Written confirmation (with amount) of financial support from the department and from the college.