The Intelligent Infrastructure for Human-centered Communities destination area focuses its attention on the ways that people interact with one another and with their environment. Interest areas in this DA include smart, healthy, and sustainable cities and communities; transportation systems; human safety, health, and wellness; integrated energy systems; network science and engineering; public policy; and cyber-physical systems.

The IIHCC will impact a wide range of areas, from the competitiveness of Virginia Tech’s students when they are ready to serve the community, to the quality of life senior citizens will enjoy by being able to “age in place” due to new advances in technology. Building smarter infrastructure will improve systems while making them more intuitive, safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

The initial focus for IIHCC will be on four themes:

- Ubiquitous Mobility: The location-agnostic promise of new communication and information technologies

- Automated Vehicle Systems: vehicles that can transit safely and efficiently through our communities independent of a human operator

- Smart Design and Construction: an intelligent, integrated, adaptable, responsive, and sustainable human-centric built environment

- Energy: the underlying innovations that will be required in the production, distribution, and consumption of energy to realize such a system

IIHCC seeks to find a balance between advancing technology with economic and policy structures that are equitable, fair, and lead to the overall well-being of society.

Stakeholder Committee

Kathryn Albright (CAUS)
Myra Blanco (VTTI)
Dushan Boroyevich (COE)
Maggie Cowell (CAUS)
Jack Davis (CAUS)
Tom Dingus (VTTI)
Sam Easterling (COE)
Azim Eskandarian (COE)
Joe Gabbard (COE)
Kevin Heaslip (COE)
Randy Heflin (COS)
Cully Hession (CALS)
Dan Hindman (CNRE)
Nathan King (CAUS)
Madhav Marathe (BI)
Andrew McCoy (CAUS)
Pablo Tarazaga (COE)
Daniel Stilwell (COE)
Don Taylor (COE)
Joe Wheeler (CAUS)


Program Manager:
Myra Blanco mblanco@vt.edu

Administrative Support:
Michael Buckley mgbuckl@vt.edu

Last updated: February 9, 2017

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