From e-commerce and the social web to smart thermostats and electronic health records, data has become a ubiquitous part of our modern lives. Yet data is ultimately about people: not only the people whose lives, behaviors, and even emotions are being increasingly “datafied,” but also the people who gather, collect, process, and analyze data to aid decision makers in making policies that affect our everyday lives.

The goal of the Data Analytics and Decision Sciences destination area is to advance the transduction of data into decisions, while also appreciating the social and ethical contexts underlying data-driven reasoning.

Through DADS, Virginia Tech will weave data and decision sciences into every corner of the university’s teaching, research, and outreach enterprise, preparing students to not only be literate consumers of data, but also to empower them to use the methods of data science to enrich work in their disciplines and across disciplinary boundaries.

There are five initial sub-themes in the Data Analytics and Decision Sciences DA:

- Healthcare analytics: Not just electronic medical records but also analytics of population health, precision medicine, and health decision-making.

- Infrastructure analytics: Data as it relates to and revolutionizes the way we interact with the natural and the built environment.

- Financial resilience analytics: Employing the tools of financial analysis, econometrics, statistics, and large-scale computation to generate predictive information about financial policies and programs.

- Security analytics: the application of modern statistical, algorithmic, and computer science methods to defense and national security data and problems.

- Social analytics: Data-driven evidence-based research to inform policy decision-making and improve health, well-being, and quality of life.

Stakeholder Committee

Chris Barrett (BI)
Zach Easton (CALS)
Mark Embree (COS)
Tom Ewing (CLAHS)
Sallie Keller (BI)
Sally Morton (COS)
Christopher North (COE)
Naren Ramakrishnan (COE)
Sharon Ramey (VTCRI)
Robin Russell (PCoB)
Sudipta Sarangi (COS)
Tina Savla (CLAHS)
Bob Settlage (ARC)
Julie Speer (Libraries)
Robert Sumichrast (PCoB)
Don Taylor (COE)
Antonio Trani (COE)
Randy Wynne (CNRE)


Program Manager:
Christine Tysor ctysor@vt.edu

Administrative Support:
Vicki Kaylor* vickik@vt.edu

* temporary admin

Last updated: February 9, 2017

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