Creative Technologies and Experiences

The Creative Technologies + Experiences (CT+E) Strategic Growth Area (SGA) develops 21st-century transdisciplinarians who are well-versed in the unique processes of collaborative environments and whose creative portfolios and capstone projects generate new, or address an existing, real-world opportunity. CT+E exists at the technology-mediated intersection of the arts, design, science, and engineering. Participants are uniquely empowered to focus on and to holistically explore opportunities while developing an integrative approach to thinking and problem solving. This is afforded by reimagining the traditional disciplinary model and by bringing together faculty from across the entire campus.

Stakeholder Committee

Paola Zellner Bassett (CAUS)
Doug Bowman (COE)
Ivica (Iso) Bukvic (CLAHS)
Eloise Coupey (PCoB)
Jack Davis (CAUS)
Jimmy Ivory (CLAHS)
Ben Knapp (ICAT)
Lucinda Roy (CLAHS)
Elizabeth Spiller (CLAHS)
Patrick Tomlin (Libraries)
Matthew Vollmer (CLAHS)
Dane Webster (CAUS)


Program Manager and
Administrative Support:

Todd Ogle

Economical and Sustainable Materials

In a highly dynamic world, adaptiveness and relevance are key towards providing useful contributions. While serving today’s jobs, one needs to create the environment that instills the skills and knowledge needed to project the future and have the ability to meet the futuristic requirements. This is key towards remaining relevant. We recognize that materials is beyond traditional materials science. Our approach starts from how we utilize the resources that the earth has provided to us to better the human condition. This goes from raw materials (geology, forestry, agriculture) through geo-political conditions, to economics, to design to recycle/resuse, to policy and regulations. We recognize that traditional materials scientists have a key role in making fundamental discoveries and in advancing the subject knowledge. At the same time, we realize that implementation of material discoveries into the real world requires integration from multiple facets.

Stakeholder Committee

Justin Barone (CALS)
David Clark (COE)
Chip Frazier (CNRE)
Roberto Leon (COE)
Tim Long (COS)
Kathy Lu (COE)
Steve McKnight (NCR)
Amanda Morris (COS)
Michael Philen (COE)
Michel Pleimling (COS)
Shashank Priya (COE)
Chris Williams (COE)
Audrey Zink-Sharp (CNRE)


Program Manager:
Dennis Grove

Administrative Support:
Vicki Kaylor

Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition

Equity and Social Disparity in the Human Condition is a strategic growth area that seeks to explore and analyze crucial issues related to diversity, especially those highlighted through the application of the analytical lens of intersectionality. Intersectionality emphasizes the simultaneous possession of multiple identities for all human beings, producing unique interactions among the identities and factors such as place and social institutions that have implications for experience and life chances. The faculty and students engaged in this area seek to highlight the ways in which issues of identity, equity, and social disparity impact multiple academic disciplines, fields of study, and areas of inquiry.

Stakeholder Committee

Ellington Graves (CLAHS)
Patrick Miller (CAUS)
Kim Niewolny (CALS)
Robert Oliver (CNRE)
Menah Pratt-Clarke (CLAHS)
Craig Ramey (VTCRI)
Karen Eley Sanders (VTCSOM)
Susan Sumner (CALS)
Bev Watford (COE)
Kenneth Wong (NCR)


Program Manager:
Tracey Hackett Brookings

Administrative Support:
Leemar Thorpe

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Virginia Tech, we believe that innovation and entrepreneurship can be powerful forces in organizations of all types and sizes, in established businesses as well as new ventures across all fields of expertise. Working across all disciplines, we strive to address problems, innovate solutions, and make an impact through entrepreneurial ventures. Our aim is to provide hands-on training and application of innovation and entrepreneurship tools, connections, and practices through the broad delivery of experiential curriculum and extracurricular programs for students at Virginia Tech and in continuing education. We create an atmosphere and culture that unleashes creativity, sparks vision and innovation, and teaches the governing principles that are the foundation of every successful progressive enterprise. Our training, investments, and activities include discovery science, applied science, and processes related to commercialization/implementation and management – all in a global context and consistent with ethical principles.

Stakeholder Committee

Anna Marion Bieri (COS)
Rafael Davalos (COE)
Rob Gourdie (VTCRI)
Brook Kennedy (CAUS)
Earl Kline (CNRE)
Jack Lesko (COE)
Derick Maggard (PCoB)
Tom Martin (COE)
Brian Mathews (Libraries)
Lisa McNair (COE)
Sanjay Raman (NCR)
Webster Santos (COS)
Matt Wisnioski (CLAHS)


Program Manager:
Andy Morikawa

Administrative Support:
Brittany Lester


The Policy Strategic Growth Area (SGA) integrates research and learning across multiple disciplines and levels of information to analyze and inform the complex decision-making for designing and implementing policy to anticipate, respond to, and manage social change. The Policy SGA is modeled as a dynamic hub with spokes, focused on undergraduate through doctoral education, research, and scholarship. The policy hub brings together teams of experts with different, but complementary specializations and comprehensive policy expertise in key areas. The spokes of the hub connect to and integrate this expertise within and across the destination areas to translate scholarship to practice through the complex decision-making processes of policy making, implementation, and evaluation.

Stakeholder Committee

David Bieri (CAUS)
Kelly Cobourn (CNRE)
Suqin Ge (COS)
Navid Ghaffarzadegan (COE)
Karen Hult (CLAHS)
Anne Khademian (CAUS)
Douglas Lind (CLAHS)
Valerie Ragan (CVM)
Wornie Reed (CLAHS)
Karen Roberto (ISCE)
Patrick Roberts (CAUS)
Anju Seth (PCoB)
Sonja Schmid (NCR/CLAHS)
Wen You (CALS)


Program Manager:
Karen Roberto

Administrative Support:
Katherine Williams

Last updated: December 11, 2016