Increasing the security and resilience of our communities, the nation, and the world requires understanding security as an integrated system of values, capabilities, and preparedness. The Integrated Security destination area focuses on advancing and assuring the security of our vital social, political, and financial networks while balancing the crucial needs and expectations of privacy and governmental oversight.

This mission cuts across four other destination areas and strategic growth areas, intersecting at key points of national interest where Virginia Tech has demonstrated expertise and capability:

- Security for the Internet of Everything: The interconnection of the digital world, the physical world, and humans interacting with both worlds.

- Governance and Ethics for Security: Questions and concerns about the adoption, use, and audit of security and privacy practices as they affect citizens and their government, consumers and business, and humans and their environment.

- Analytics for National Security and Preparedness: Using the capabilities of big data to improve security, forecasting, awareness, and resilience in response to disasters and for national defense.

Stakeholder Committee

France Belanger (PCoB)
Jonathan Black (COE)
Toni Calasanti (CLAHS)
Charles Clancy (COE)
Maj. General Randy Fullhart (Corps of Cadets)
Jim Hawdon (CLAHS)
Janine Hiller (PCoB)
Patrick Huber (COS)
Tim Luke (CLAHS)
Randy Marchany (VPIT)
Joel Peters (CAUS)
Elizabeth Spiller (CLAHS)
Danfeng Yao (COE)
Prof. of Military Science (rotating) (ROTC)


Program Manager:
Kira Gantt kgantt@vt.edu

Administrative Support:
Stephanie Plum splum@vt.edu

Last updated: February 9, 2017

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